Sussex Cricket Sugar Tax funds ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Body’



The Sussex Cricket initiative that saw the club introduce a 20p Sugar Tax on fizzy drinks will be used towards funding a new project; ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Body’, which the Sussex Cricket Foundation will be delivering across schools throughout Sussex.

The sugar tax was introduced by the club back in April as part of the Brighton and Hove Sugar Smart City initiative in partnership with the City Council and Jamie Oliver. This has since helped raise an amount which is going to be used to fund a trial roll out of this programme at City Academy Whitehawk, before being rolled out across other Sussex primary schools.

The new programme ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Body’ is designed around the five ways to Wellbeing (connect, be active, keep learning, take notice and to give) which teaches children that not only is it good for you to keep active in order to stay fit, but that there are other small actions that can be taken to make a significant difference on individual well-being.

As well as keeping fit, the new programme has a focus on other important activities. These include how important it is to eat well, with one activity allowing children to try a range of different fruits they hadn’t tried before, emphasising how important it is to connect with the world and people around you, how simple and small deeds can make such a difference for others and for you, and also the importance of keeping your brain active by learning new things.

These are a few key areas that the new programme will cover along with a range of others that link to well-being. The Sussex Cricket Foundation are looking forward to rolling out ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Body’ to primary schools throughout Sussex and having an inspiring effect on the children that they work with.