Wine Tasting Packages

Wine Tasting Packages

We’re delighted to offer a number of fantastic wine tasting packages in collaboration with Quaff Fine Wine Merchant. You can choose from the following packages:

Eight Great Grapes

An excellent ‘Introduction to Wine Tasting’ tasting! The purpose of this evening is to show eight major grape varieties, four white and four red, most of which that can be found on any restaurant list or in any shop. Hopefully in introducing these varietals, their histories, where they’re grown and why they’re grown there, it will be possible for you to come to some sort of idea about which you like and why! We’ll taste a benchmark example of each variety, find out what characterises them, and also talk about what might make a good food match with each wine.

Old World Versus New

While the New World (USA, Australia et al) is taking over our supermarket shelves at the sub-£5 level, at the very top end of the quality spectrum it seems many of the traditional (often French) regions still reign supreme. It is in the mid-ground however, where the real battle lies, and this is where we will focus tonight’s tasting. We will take several of the classic wine producing regions of France, and compare them to their most similar emerging rivals in other parts of the World. This is your chance to learn about a wide range of wine styles, and to decide for yourself who really rules the roost!

A Journey Through France

We will guide you through a nation whose wines delight many and confuse even more! Starting with champagne and finishing in Bordeaux, we’ll take you through the iconic French wine regions and look at why they became so famous. Tasting six to eight wines, the aim is to demystify the iconic regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone et al, to explain their wines in straightforward terms and hopefully to introduce you to their secrets. Due to the nature of the regions visited, this tasting tends to be a little more expensive. 8 wines tasted.

Beyond Rioja

Always one of our more popular tastings, we will this time be looking at the less-known but increasingly worthy regions of Spain that are now starting to make some spectacular wines. We recently created a tasting on this theme for a highly experienced local tasting society, who declared it their best ever event, in terms of the quality of the wines. This closely follows our own thoughts; having completely renewed our Spanish section this year, we’ve never been so impressed by what we found. So, we’ll getting away from Rioja and looking at the less known but thoroughly worthy other regions of Spain.


Arguably the most diverse and confusing wine nation on the planet, Italy’s wine and wine regions fulfils all the classical stereotypes we have for this nation; hopelessly chaotic and anarchic in conception and organisation, yet full of passion and touched with genius! In this tasting we scratch the surface of this wonderful wine country and start to discover why for so many visitors there is only one true nation when it comes to great food and wine; Italia! 8 wines tasted.

Champagne/Sparkling Extravaganza

We’ll start by giving you one example of the best of the rest of the world, and then move to Champagne itself, where we’ll show you a range of styles including rosé, blanc de blancs, non vintage, vintage and even a prestige cuvée. This is a very rare opportunity to be guided through a range of champagnes, lined up side by side. We typically taste about six wines.


Currently gin is THE spirit to be seen drinking, and with all the fabulous new gins coming onto the market right now it’s easy to see why. We’ll start this tasting with a brief history of gin, mention how a basic gin is made, and discuss the difference between various styles of gin. We’ll then guide you through a selection of six gins, talking you through how they are made, wherein lie the differences between the products, and different ways of serving them, showing a range of possible mixers.


In Sussex we are now surrounded by dozens of brilliant new craft beer producers, in alliance to our more traditional but still excellent brewers. Add this to the explosion nationally and internationally in craft beer production, and there are now a seemingly bewildering number of products out there to try. In this tasting we’ll give you a chance to taste a generous range of eight beers of local, national and international origin, talking you through how each product comes to taste the way it does, and showing you the difference in production methods that create this range of flavours. An essential tasting for the budding beer enthusiast. Goes brilliantly with a pie tasting!