Brighton & Hove City Council presents Sussex Cricket with Healthy Choice Award

Here at Sussex we pride ourselves on providing a first-class experience both on and off the field. Our 1839 Hospitality & Events team strive to continuously improve our catering offering for both match and non-match day events.

This month, Brighton & Hove City Council has awarded Sussex County Cricket Club a ‘Healthy Choice Award’ described as a business that ‘supports it customers by offering healthy food choices, based on healthy cooking methods and ingredients’

Catering Manager, Kevin Berry says ”We are delighted to be supporting this iniative. It seems like a natural fit that a professional sporting venue should offer healthier choices and is just a logical extension of what we are doing for the team and at our Academy ground. When we sat down with Harriet (Brighton & Hove Healthy Catering Project Officer) there wasn’t much we needed to change, a small tweak here and there.”

We have also started a new initiative by creating fun kinds-meal boxes. Including a roll, sugar-free soft drink, 1 of 5-a-day, potato snack and sugar-free jelly/rice pudding which are available to purchase for T20 match days.

Healthy Choice Award Sussex Cricket

Healthy Choice Award Sussex Cricket